Cultural Humility: Engaging Diverse Identities in Therapy

This book describes how therapists can combine multicultural theory with their own experience to meaningfully engage clients in issues of culture. The authors recommend a stance of cultural humility, focusing the therapist’s attention not on educational or clinical knowledge, but on what she doesn’t know about her client. They discuss practical strategies for engaging with clients and their cultural identities, including repairing mistakes that threaten the therapeutic relationship. Through a wide range of case examples and hands-on exercises, the authors demonstrate how therapists can learn to acknowledge their limitations, and them as opportunities to connect with clients at a deeper level.

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Replanted: Faith-Based Support for Adoptive and Foster Families

Many people embark on the journey of adoption and foster care but are unprepared for the challenges that await them along the way. Replanted takes an honest look at the joys and hardships that come with choosing this journey and provides a model of faith-based support made up of three parts to help families thrive: (1) soil (i.e., emotional support), (2) sunlight (i.e., informational support), and (3) water (i.e., tangible support).

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Helping Groups Heal: Leading Small Groups in the Process of Transformation

Helping Groups Heal presents “The Healing Cycle,” a grace-based model that facilitates healing and growth in groups. Whether you have been leading small groups for years or are about to lead your first session, Helping Groups Heal is an accessible, easy-to-follow guide through “The Healing Cycle” that will give each group member what’s needed to grow, relate, and heal.

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Evidence-Based Practices for Christian Counseling and Psychotherapy

This book explores evidence-based Christian treatments, practices, factors and principles. The authors mine the relevant research and literature to update practicing psychotherapists, clinical researchers, students, teachers and educated laypersons about the efficacy of Christian-accommodative therapies.

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Handbook of Humility: Theory, Research, and Applications

The Handbook of Humility is the first scholarly book to bring together authors from psychology as well as other fields to address what we know and don’t know about humility. Authors review the existing research in this burgeoning field that has well over 100 empirical articles and an increasing trajectory of publication. This work should form the basis for research in humility for many years.

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Mindfulness-Based Practices in Therapy: A Cultural Humility Approach

Eastern spirituality has exerted considerable influence on the fields of counseling and psychology through the use of mindfulness-based practices. This book serves as a practical introduction to integrating mindfulness-based practices in therapy, with a focus on assessing whether it is appropriate to use or adapt mindfulness activities to the specific cultural identity or identities of clients. The authors present an approach to integrating mindfulness in therapy that emphasizes cultural humility. By incorporating this client-centered approach, therapists will be better able to align the therapy process with clients’ values, narratives about change, and therapy goals.

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