Replanted is Available for Preorder

March 11, 2019

I wanted to take a quick break from my normal blogging schedule to share an exciting announcement: Our new book Replanted is available for preorder! The release date is March 25th but if you preorder the book, you can head to this website to get some cool freebies as our way of saying thank you.

Supporting Families

Replanted is all about how to effectively support adoptive and foster families. We know that caring for vulnerable children is incredibly important, and welcoming a child who needs a family into your home is an amazing act of love and service.

But adoption and foster care can also be difficult and stressful. If you’re on the journey, you know this firsthand. Sometimes adoptive and foster families feel unsupported and alone, like no one understands their experience. The church, which can very active in encouraging parents to adopt and foster, is sometimes nowhere to be found when families are struggling post-placement.

The Book

The book gives a clear, honest look at both the joys and the challenges of the adoptive and foster care journey. It also details the key aspects of support that families need if they are going to thrive. If you are an adoptive or foster parent, you need this book. Also, if you want to understand how to support the adoptive and foster families in your community, you need this book. We aren’t all called to adopt and foster, but we can all do something to help care for vulnerable children.

If you end up reading the book, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. And if you like the book, it would be really helpful if you could leave a review on Amazon and share the book with others you think might like it.




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