Everything Can Be Fixed

November 13, 2019

Categories: Confidence

I used to get really anxious when something would go wrong in my life. I lived in “protection-mode.” I always worried about losing something, doing something wrong, or saying the wrong thing. Then I would beat myself up when I made a mistake (which we all do).

Everything Can Be Fixed

Slowly but surely, I’ve been trying to change my way of engaging in life to be more free. One of the things that has helped me is the idea that everything can be fixed.

Dental Problems

I’ll give you a few examples about what I mean. I used to get pretty anxious about my teeth. My teeth were terrible as a child, and I had a lot of dental work done (and some teeth pulled) to straighten everything out. After that, I would get kind of scrupulous about my teeth, brushing and flossing multiple times per day and always wearing my retainer to bed.

I was talking to my friend Kellen, who is a dentist, and I asked him if being a dentist caused him to be more anxious about his own teeth and dental hygiene. He said no, because “everything can be fixed.” Now that he was a dentist and had to fix all sorts of teeth problems, he knew that even if there was a problem with his teeth, he could do what needed to be done to fix them.

Foundation Problems

Another example: We were debating about whether to purchase our home, and one of the things that was concerning was we needed to have some foundation work done to make sure everything was even and stable. The issues made me nervous, and I wondered if we should pass on the house. But our contractor wasn’t worried. “Everything can be fixed,” he said. He had dealt with all sorts of house problems over the years, so the issues in our house didn’t scare him. He knew they could be fixed and resolved.

Freedom and Flexibility

Knowing that your problems can be addressed and fixed gives you more freedom and flexibility to try things out and explore. You can live more free, knowing you will be able to deal with whatever comes up.

Get an Expert to Help

Another lesson I have learned over the years (and that is illustrated in the examples I shared) is that life experience and expertise help you to move forward more confidently. My friend Kellen knew that dental problems could be fixed because he had the experience actually doing it. Similarly, my contractor knew the foundation problems could be fixed because he had the experience.

It can be helpful to develop experience and expertise in the area you are concerned about. You don’t know what you don’t know. It helps when you can get more information. Also, we can’t develop expertise about everything. There just isn’t enough time. When in doubt, call an expert and let them help you and give you an informed opinion.


Do you engage your life in a cautious, anxious manner? What do you think about the idea that everything can be fixed? How might this attitude help you in your life moving forward?


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