What to Buy a Minimalist for Christmas? 7 Awesome Ideas

December 6, 2019

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As I’ve been getting more into Minimalism the past few years, questions inevitably pop up during the holidays: What can I get you for Christmas? Do you need anything? It can be a tough question. What do you buy a minimalist for Christmas?

Maybe you’re struggling with a similar dilemma for the minimalist in your own life. This post is designed to help! Here is a list of 7 awesome gifts you can buy a minimalist for Christmas:

7 Minimalist Gift Ideas

  1. Something consumable. Minimalists love to eat and drink. Do some research and figure out their favorite thing to eat or drink, and get them that. Maybe it’s a batch of their favorite homemade cookies. Maybe it’s a favorite case of beer or bottle of wine. Maybe it’s a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant. Consumables are great gift ideas because they get enjoyed and don’t sit around in the garage.
  2. Something experiential. Minimalists love to have fun and do meaningful activities. So, get them an experience for Christmas. Maybe it’s tickets to their favorite sports game or musical. Maybe it’s a pass to the movies or the local amusement park. Buy them something you can experience and share together.
  3. Something that adds value. This can be a tricky one, because what adds value for one person might not add value for another person. Before they buy anything, minimalists ask themselves the following question: Does it add value to my life? Research and observe the minimalist in your life. Is there anything you can think of that might add value to their life? If something jumps out at you, it might be a good idea for a gift. (Just make sure you give them the gift receipt so they can return it if they want.)
  4. Replace something old and worn out. Does the minimalist in your life own something on its last legs? For example, maybe they wear a worn out pair of jeans or shoes. Maybe their lawn mower is old and always breaking down. You could get them something new to replace the thing that is old and worn out. Because they have been using the old thing so much, there is a good chance they will find value in the new thing. (Again, make sure you give them the gift receipt.)
  5. Pay for a service. For your Christmas present, offer to pay for a service you know they use on a regular basis. For example, if they watch Netflix, pay for their Netflix subscription for a year. If they go to the gym, pay for their gym membership for a year (or month, if they go to an expensive gym). Find a service they use regularly, and make that your Christmas present.
  6. Homemade coupon book. Make a homemade coupon book for the minimalist in your life that covers all their favorite things. You can be as creative as you want. Maybe one coupon can be redeemed for breakfast in bed, or a back massage. Think about all the things they love, and put them into the book. It doesn’t have to be expensive (or cost any money at all).
  7. Gift card. When in doubt, a gift card is always a great option, because the minimalist in your life can use it for whatever they need. The minimalist can decide what would add value to their life, and purchase that thing. No need to guess. Plus, it’s easy to purchase and pack in your luggage when you travel for the holidays!


What do you think of the 7 Minimalist gift ideas? Which idea do you think will work for the minimalist in your life?


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