Don’t Hesitate to Use “Tricks”

February 17, 2020

Categories: Hacks

Have you ever had the experience where you were trying to remember something important, but then it just slipped your mind? The reality is our lives are complicated, and we have to keep track of a lot of stuff. Don’t hesitate to use “tricks” to help you remember the things you need to keep track of.

Parking Sticker

Here’s an example of a trick I used the other day. I had to drive a different car to work the next day, and I needed to remember to switch my parking sticker to the other car. This is an example of something that might have slipped my mind (which would have been a problem). Instead of just trying to remember it, I threw my mittens on the dashboard by the parking sticker. The mittens served as a physical reminder that I needed to switch my parking sticker.

Front Door

Here’s another example: Let’s say you have to remember to bring something to work the next day. Instead of just trying to remember it, take the thing you have to bring and place it right in front of the door. If you do this, you literally will not be able to walk out the door without stepping on the thing you need to bring. This will help you remember.

Bottom Line

Don’t try to keep a bunch of things in your mind. You have too much going on there. Get things out of your head. Write everything down, and use tricks to help you remember the things you need to do.


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