What Do You Do First Thing in the Morning?

January 17, 2021

Categories: Values

Here is a simple question I’d like you to reflect on: What do you do first thing in the morning?

Just Doing Whatever

For many of us, we sort of just do whatever. We aren’t purposeful about what we do first. Maybe we pull out our phone and check social media. Or perhaps we turn on the TV and watch the morning news. For most of us, the thing we do first in the morning doesn’t necessarily connect with our values.

Connect with Your Values

I’d like to offer a challenge to you: Instead of just doing whatever when you first wake up in the morning, try to start off your day doing one thing that connects with your most important values. For example, maybe you start off your day with exercise, because it connects with your value of physical health. Or perhaps you start off your day spending time with God, because it connects with your value of spirituality.

Set the Stage

Your first action doesn’t have to be super-long. I know we’re all busy, and I don’t want to add something else to your already full plate. It could be just five minutes. But however long or short, the challenge is to be purposeful about what you do first thing in the morning. Set the stage for the rest of your day by focusing your energy and attention on something that is important to you.


How do you normally start off your day? Does this action connect with your values? What is one thing you could do on purpose to start your day that WOULD connect with one of your deeply held values?


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