Be in the Parade

February 9, 2021

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Bob Goff tells a story about how his family started an annual parade in their neighborhood. They sent invitations to everyone in the neighborhood, inviting them to be part of the parade. There was just one catch—everyone had to actually be IN the parade.

One by one, neighbors started to show up. Kids decorated their bikes with streamers. People dressed up and brought balloons. Someone even brought their bagpipes and started a one-man band! Everyone got together, and marched down their street. It was awesome.

How Parades Normally Work

This parade was different from how normal parades work. In a regular parade, there are a few special people that are in the parade, but most people have to watch from the sidelines. Watching a parade is okay, but how much cooler would it be to actually be in the parade?

On the Sidelines

I think this story can work as a metaphor for our lives. Many of us sit on the sidelines of our own lives. We don’t exercise or play sports; instead, we watch sports on television. We don’t go on actual adventures; instead, we play video games. We don’t invest in real relationships; instead, we watch pornography or read romance novels.

Be an Active Participant

Whenever possible, be an active participant in your own life. Redirect your energy and attention away from entertainment and social media, and toward the values that are most important to you. Don’t sit on the sidelines; be in the parade.


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