Don’t Let Your Energy Leak Out Sideways

October 13, 2020

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Our energy and drive as human beings can be an incredibly powerful force. But sometimes we struggle to focus our energy. Instead, we let it leak out sideways. It’s like a garden hose with a hole in it. The pressure is released, and some of the water is flowing out of the hole instead of the spout. Because of this, the water pressure at the spout isn’t very strong.

Computer Game

Here’s an example of what I mean: For a few months last year, I got really into a computer game. It was fun, and I enjoyed getting better at the game. However, one thing I noticed about myself was that I wasn’t feeling quite as motivated or driven in other areas of my life. It’s as if a lot of my competitive energy and drive was focused on the game. It was leaking out sideways.


I also see this happen sometimes with individuals who spend a lot of time looking at pornography and masturbating. People can be so focused on masturbation and fantasy that they don’t focus as much of their energy on developing sexual relationships with real people. Their sexual energy is leaking out sideways.

The Power of Limits

If you are struggling with motivation or drive in your life, think about whether you are spending your energy on activities that don’t really move your life forward or contribute to your most important goals. Is your energy leaking out sideways? If it is, think about limiting that activity so your energy can flow more directly toward the things that are most important to you.


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