Make Friends with the Wind

October 25, 2020

Categories: Acceptance

One of my favorite authors, Byron Katie, was once known as the woman who made friends with the wind.

Love What Is

Katie’s main emphasis in her writings is to learn to “love what is.” In other words, she says that most of our pain comes from buying into thoughts that don’t correspond with reality. We think that our spouse should be kinder to us, our children should pick up their socks, and our boss shouldn’t be critical of us. When our beliefs about how things “should” be going don’t line up with how things actually are, we experience pain and stress.

Complaining about the Wind

Katie lived in a desert town that was quite windy. The people who lived in the town hated the wind because it was hot, dusty, and uncomfortable. They would complain about it all the time.

Friends with the Wind

Katie used to complain about the wind, until she realized the silliness of it all. Her thought that “the wind shouldn’t be blowing” was completely contradictory to what was “true.” The reality of the situation was that the wind WAS blowing, and there was nothing Katie or anyone else in the town could do about it. When she realized this truth deep in her soul, she began to make friends with the wind, and it didn’t bother her anymore.


What is something in your life that is bothering you, but is completely outside your control? How might you make friends with the “wind” in your life?


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