Could You Do It For a Million Dollars?

February 3, 2021

Categories: Fitness

The other day, I was doing a tough ab workout in my garage called Ab Ripper X. The workout involves 13 exercises, 25 reps each. Most of the time, I have to take some breaks on some of the exercises. The other day, however, as I was doing one of the exercises where I usually take a break, a thought popped into my head:

Could you do it for a million dollars?

In other words, if there was a million dollars on the line if I finished the exercise, could I make it all the way through? And you know what? I did it without taking a break!

Discomfort? Stick with It

Most people when they exercise quit way before they should. We don’t like feeling uncomfortable. There is something in our heads that says, yep, that’s enough discomfort, you can stop now. But if you want your body to change, you have to keep going past the point where you are comfortable. You have to push your body so your muscles are forced to adapt and grow.

The next time you are struggling to finish a set, ask yourself if you could do it for a million dollars. If the answer is yes, crank out a few more reps. Don’t sell yourself short. You have done the hard part of getting your butt into the gym. Make it count.


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