Hit the Pause Button

June 8, 2015

Categories: Decision

I was traveling recently, and when I got to the airport, I had to take a train to get to my terminal. As I rode up the escalator, the train had arrived and was about to take off. I had just enough time to rush into the train as the doors closed behind me.

Whew! That was close, I thought to myself.

I barely finished celebrating my excellent timing and good luck when I realized I had gotten on the wrong train.


The lesson for me was that when I’m in a rush, I tend to make mistakes. As a result, I end up wasting more time in the long run. It would have been better for me to pause, double check the train, and then proceed, even if it meant I had to wait a few minutes for the next train.

What about you? How many times have you rushed through a decision, only to have it backfire on you? Next time you are in a situation where you have to make a choice, take a deep breath and pause for a minute. Double check your options and make sure you are making the correct decision.

Discussion: Do you tend to rush through your decisions? What do you think of having a rule to pause a minute before proceeding toward your choice?


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