Look for the Simple Solution First

October 1, 2018

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When we are struggling with a problem, sometimes the simple solution is the best one. Unfortunately, we can get so caught up in our problems or issues that we miss the simple solution.

Struggling to Fall Asleep

This happened to me a while back. I was struggling to fall asleep. You know those nights where you toss and turn, and then check the alarm clock multiple times to see how late it is now? I was having one of those nights.

As I got more and more frustrated about my inability to fall asleep, I started to think about why I was having difficulty sleeping. I was living in a new apartment—maybe that was it. I had a stressful day the next day—perhaps I was worrying and ruminating too much. I went over all the issues and problems I had been dealing with lately, trying to figure out if one of those issues was causing my sleep problems. I tried to recall a class I took years ago that talked about sleep hygiene, to see if there was anything I could change.

Nothing clicked. More importantly, I still couldn’t get to sleep.

Finally, I realized I was hungry, so I went to the kitchen and made myself a snack.

I fell asleep right away.

The Simple Solution

The solution was simple—I was hungry. But I didn’t realize it because I was focused on all these complex scenarios that could have been the reason for my sleep problems.

Sometimes the solutions to our problems are very complex. But other times, the simplest explanation is the best one. It can be helpful to try the simple solution first, before moving on to the more complex explanations for our problems.

Discussion: What is one problem or issue you are facing in your life right now? Take some time and reflect on the things you have done to try to solve your problem. Could there be a simple explanation or solution you are missing?


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