When in Doubt, Reach Out

January 20, 2019

Categories: Relationships

My wife and I had another couple over for dinner not too long ago, and we had a great time. It was someone I had met at church. I didn’t know them very well. But we had a good conversation at church, and I thought they might have “friend potential.” So, I reached out and asked if they wanted to come over for dinner sometime.

No One Reaches Out Anymore

At some point during the evening, they said they were so glad we invited them over, because “no one ever reaches out anymore.” I could connect with her sentiment. People seem so busy nowadays. It’s rare that someone reaches out and invites us to do something. But we love it when it happens. Most people do.

People Love Connecting. But No One Reaches Out

Here was the key lesson for me: Most people like to hang out. Most people like to be invited to do something. Most people are open to meeting new people and making friends. But (and here’s the paradox), most people don’t reach out and initiate. Maybe we’re too busy. Maybe we’re worried about getting rejected. Whatever the reason, most people just don’t reach out.

The end result? Many people are home alone and unhappy.

You Have to Initiate

If you want more friends, connections, or dates, you have to reach out. You have to initiate. The good thing is, your effort is likely to be successful, because everyone wants connection and relationship. It’s a deep need that is inside all of us. So, get over your fear and start reaching out. Make it a goal to reach out to one person each day and try to get something on the calendar.


Why do you think people hesitate to reach out, even though almost everyone likes to be invited? What holds you back from initiating connection with other people in your life?


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