Change is Hard (Even When It’s Good)

June 24, 2020

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This week, our Crossfit gym moved into a new building. It’s really nice—it’s a bigger space, it has heating and air conditioning, and the bathrooms and showers are a lot nicer. The new space is even closer to our home, so the drive is shorter.

Tough to Leave

Still, even though the move is a good thing, there was a part of me that was bummed about leaving the old location. I had been working out at that gym since 2013—7 years is a long time! Even though there were some problems with the old place, I loved it and had a lot of good memories there.

Change is Hard

I think this brings up a common experience for a lot of us: Change is difficult, even when it’s a good thing. Human beings like to have routines. It makes us feel comfortable and safe. When you change something in your life, there is a disruption, and it can feel stressful.

The reality that change is difficult can hold people back from making necessary changes in their lives. We have an innate desire to avoid pain and discomfort. These negative feelings can come up whenever we begin to make a change, and our first tendency might be to stop or go in the opposite direction.

Withstand the Discomfort

Don’t let the pain or discomfort that comes along with change stop you from doing something that is good for you. For me, I try to see the pain and discomfort that comes with change as “part of the deal,” rather than a signal that I shouldn’t be heading in that direction. Change can be awesome and it is often necessary. But we have to be willing to withstand some discomfort to get there.


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