A Day in the Life of an Enneagram 2: Ryan B.

September 21, 2020

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How did you get introduced to the Enneagram?

On a road trip to Canada, my college roommates discussed it and what each number meant. They pegged me as an 8. Whoops.

What is it like being a 2?

At first, the moniker of “helper” is pretty unflattering and makes you think you are like a doormat, but afterward, you realize that you have an incredible gift to serve others and be the support to watch other people flourish.

I think a 2 gets to be the ultimate cheerleader. I love getting to encourage, help, and give more capacity to others.

Can you share a personal story of your number in action?

This happens periodically, but if there are two leftover options in the fridge for dinner that night, my first thought is, which one will Hannah want the least? I’ll eat that one. Or at a restaurant, if there are two things on the menu that Hannah wants, we’ll get those two, that way she gets both things she wants.

How has the Enneagram helped you in the process of personal or spiritual growth?

Personally, I think that Jesus described ways and displayed clear ways of being a 2 in the Gospels. From washing his disciples’ feet, to turning the water to wine, he gave of himself to the joy and betterment of others. However, I most acutely feel that knowledge of the Enneagram helps me identify Martha moments, which is a very 2 type feeling. I’m busy doing all the things, but not sitting at the feet of Jesus. My goal is to harness Mary moments in the midst of my 2, and listen to Jesus and slow down.

How has the Enneagram impacted your relationships (e.g., spouse, kids, etc.)?

It has very clearly given a language to my innate behaviors. My removal of needs/preferences is now so clearly a result of me being a 2, rather than just being “the sacrificial lamb.” It helps us understand that my shadow side doesn’t allow Hannah to serve me, and the knowledge of the Enneagram helps us combat that.


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