When the Manna Stops

March 2, 2020

There’s an interesting story in the Bible when the Israelites were in an “in-between” phase, after they were freed from slavery in Egypt but before they entered the Promised Land. They wandered around in the dessert for 40 years. Each morning, the Lord would provide manna, or food, which was enough for the Israelites to eat for that one day. (If they tried to save or store the manna for the next day, it would go bad.)

The Manna Stopped

An interesting thing happened once the Israelites reached a settled land, on the border of the Promised Land: The manna stopped. If you were an Israelite during that time, you might have gotten pretty anxious or upset when the manna stopped. After all, this was your food supply. What would happen when the manna stopped? Would you be able to find enough food to feed your family? The future was uncertain.

The Promised Land

Ultimately, God had something much better in store for the Israelites: the Promised Land, a place where the Israelites could settle and call home, a land “filled with milk and honey.” The manna stopped because the Israelites had to move forward into the Promised Land. The manna was good for what it was, but it wasn’t God’s ultimate plan for the Israelites. There was something better coming, even though they didn’t know it at the time.

Taken Away for Something Better

In a similar way, sometimes something has to be taken away in order to set us up for something better. Maybe we need to be pushed out of our comfort zone, or remove a crutch that we have been relying on for too long. When something “negative” happens in your life, try to stay open to what’s next. God might be closing one door, but there might be a new door that is getting ready to open. Stay curious, keep your head up, and keep moving forward. When the manna stops, don’t miss out on your promised land.


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